I really do love the possum wrasses, but you think that they had be friends with brand new redline wrasse?

I really do love the possum wrasses, but you think that they had be friends with brand new redline wrasse?

I really don’t envision it would be appropriate to attempt to fit a great Cirrhilabrus varieties toward tank. I understand this new Paracheilinus variety aren’t enthusiastic become left solo, so these are typically out. The newest Pseudocheilinus are way too feisty for my tastes (especially in a tank so it size). During my estimation, you to definitely will leave this new Wetmorella variety. They’ve been therefore timid and you may docile (and awesome! People don’t buy things since places are not stocking him or her, that’s due to the fact no-one requests for them so that they usually do not stock them for people to see and stuff like that. When you are purchasing that knows how much money (and day, and energy) on a container, I would please fit everything in I’m able to so you’re able to snag one to perfect greatest jewel away from a fish regarding my personal wishlist!

Size, readily available cover/concealing urban centers/separation of sight traces, volume from feeding, roominess of container, most of these are more important. While intent on a wrasse, come across one of equivalent size and sustain track of him or her getting territoriality and race to have restaurants. Numerous feedings per day would-be a massive help curb people aggression if that shows up. Simply be happy to lay one in brand new “punishment field” otherwise as the Bob phone calls they “time-out” for the a spaghetti colander. This might be covered on the website in more detail. Be aware that we have been these are netting an excellent wrasse, and therefore since the you’re probably aware will be nightmarish. Simply speaking, my main concern wouldn’t be the wrasses picked (in this need) but alternatively a back up package is to one thing go bad.

Having said that, that have two smallish variety, delivered as near with her as possible, and you will an eye away to own behavioural issues, just be fine having any of the choices your said significantly more than. Disappointed! Thanks once again a whole lot for everybody that you perform towards the hobby! Guarantee this is helpful. I trickle acclimated for about 90 minutes following the lighting went call at the brand new tank. This morning, on the several circumstances afterwards, the new Dottyback is going and about exploring the the fresh landscape. ‘s the new addition the cause of their timidity? Did I pitfall him the lower, or carry out the guy have the ability to push away if it is actually where he’d chosen to sleep yesterday?

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The fresh new unusual part is the fact that the redline wrasse is no place to be seen

Carter Re: Wrasse compatibility 5/ Wrasse made his grand appearance shortly after your reply. Anyway, I thought you’d like to know!

A pink streak wrasse (Pseudocheilinops ataenia) try the possibility, even so they look pretty impossible to discover

New Wrasse additions 5/ Hello WWM Crew, I have a 12′ 460 gallon aquarium, stocked with a 5.5″ Harlequin Tusk (can be very aggressive to new additions- he was particularly so with my Birdmouth Wrasse who he chased repeatedly), a 6″ Birdmouth Wrasse, 5″ Majestic Angel, big Snowflake and Zebra Moray and a 9-10″ Golden Puffer amongst a number of Domino Damsels. I was thinking about adding at the same time a large Sling-Jaw Wrasse (Epibulus insidiator), a Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) and a Yellow Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens) to the mix. I have plenty of live rock split into two islands with a large open water swimming space in the centre of the tank. Do you think these Wrasse would be suitable with my current stock and with each other, particularly adding the two Thalassoma wrasse? Lastly, slightly off topic I have had both the Harlequin Tusk and Majestic Angel for 3.5 years now and have noticed minimal growth in both, particularly with the Majestic. Do you know of any reason for why this may be the case? Perhaps as I see them every day I don’t notice the growth as much. Thank you for your time and advice, I appreciate it a lot! Jake

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