Sexual thinking and you may practices regarding young adults when you look at the Northern Thailand

Sexual thinking and you may practices regarding young adults when you look at the Northern Thailand


This study offers questionnaire and you may qualitative research into the intimate practices among over step 1,750 younger Northern Thai anyone old 17-2 decades. The latest survey research imply that intimately productive teenagers frequently engage in, otherwise is subjected to, risk-providing habits that will expose these to sexually carried attacks and you may undesirable pregnancies. They’re with several sexual people and you will quite frequent companion return. Highest percentages together with practice exposed intercourse with different models of sexual spouse (constant, everyday and you will paid), and you will women specifically got will knowledgeable sexual coercion. Qualitative research revealed a mixture of perceptions and you can techniques affecting sexual sex one of many younger, for example with unexpected sex, engaging in sexual relationships showing like otherwise concrete the time relationship, and having serial dating, one another monogamous and you will low-monogamous. We ending one condom explore can be a central notice out of items geared towards preventing negative sexual health outcomes, however, you to definitely the input answers to prompt use of other contraceptives also are required. Changes in intimate norms certainly one of young adults should also feel approved and you may approved by old Thai years making sure that software and you will interventions to battle negative intimate and you can reproductive fitness outcomes so you’re able to are more effective.


For the majority many years today, generous size of teenagers in most West places provides engaged in premarital gender. A study in the us away from trends for the intercourse among young American female out-of 1982 to help you 1995 (Singh and Darroch 1999) indicated that in that period from the 40 percent out of 15-19 yr old females (and you may twenty-seven-28 % from fifteen-17 year-olds) got got sexual intercourse over the last ninety days. Santelli et al. (2000) on the other hand claimed 1995 estimates out of around three national surveys from percent from 15-17 year old You women that had ever had gender varying from thirty six.5 % to percent, that have male estimates anywhere between 41.step 3 per cent so you’re able to 52.9 percent. When you look at the a study of 24 establish nations (not including the united states) presented for the 2002 (Godeau mais aussi al. 2008), levels of sex sense certainly one of federal examples of 15 year old pupils ranged out-of 17.2 per cent (Spain) in order to percent (Ukraine) for men (median twenty-four.6 percent) and you will from dos.eight % (Macedonia) so you can 39.9 per cent (England) for females (median 18.5 %). Various other relative study of 1991-96 investigation for Sweden, France, Canada, The uk additionally the Us (Darroch ainsi que al. 2001) discovered girls coital experience prior to decades 18 anywhere between percent for France to 65.2 per cent to own Sweden.

When you look at the Asia, national-level surveys always discover that premarital sex was quicker extensive than throughout the West, even when less during the-depth degree concentrating on young man’s sexual and reproductive wellness has showed that the sexual intercourse possess certainly increased (Jejeebhoy mais aussi al. 2001; Gubhaju 2002; Bearinger mais aussi al. 2007). Result of studies out-of adolescent sexual behavior suggest that low-superficial percentages out of adolescents are in fact sexually knowledgeable. For example, from the Republic of Korea more than a decade ago, search indicated that 11 % away from women and you may twenty four % out of men secondary school college students said that have had premarital coital sense (Gayun 1996). A majority of girls got got the sexual first having a beneficial date they wished to wed, while you are more than half of men had had the basic intercourse having a casual girls friend otherwise a professional sex staff. During the a study undertaken into the 2000 inside the Phnom Penh one of rural-metropolitan migrant females aged 15-twenty-four involved in the fresh new garment development community (Nishigaya 2006), a high proportion (54.eight percent) reported having engaged in premarital gender. This study utilized peer interviewers who were apparel experts themselves, and argues the manner in which sensitive and painful research particularly talking about built-up is crucial so you’re able to obtaining significant contributes to a area whoever community places significant pounds into the female premarital chastity. Regarding Lao Man’s Democratic Republic, a localized questionnaire among society users for the Vientiane showed that sex and you can maternity prior to wedding had been well-known plus or faster recognized because of a common trust one maternity additional ).

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