The brand new dots substitute for the noun that’s there for the actual speech

The brand <a href=""></a> new dots substitute for the noun that’s there for the actual speech

So if you state, dirig-kur-s^age, you are stating ‘beyond people mountains’. The newest kur-s^e in this situation ways ‘those mountains here contained in this view’, and so the presenter states ‘exceeding otherwise higher than the individuals hills there’.

Also, a predominant Center Eastern ancestry of progressive inhabitants of your marshes away from southern area Iraq implies that in the event the Marsh Arabs is descendants of ancient Sumerians, in addition to the Sumerians have been probably autochthonous rather than regarding Indian or Southern Asian ancestry

>I am writing a newsprint for the God, to own a viewpoint group. I’m looking to confirm >that the creation facts try a narrative concerning delivery away from a single, every single >each of all of us are our own Jesus. I have comprehend each of Zecharia Sitchin’s books >and believe that what the guy composed would-be correct, but I do believe your bodily >community is a reflection of our cumulative interior or spiritual community. I’m >interested from how you will translate – Nibiru. I have used your own dictionary and you may >more ones and you will Sitchin converts it as “The world from crossing”. I get >worldwide or body part however the fresh crossing. I think you to definitely possibly this has >one thing to create with a lessening of your real so you can equivalent the fresh religious. >You can expect to you to definitely feel possible?

The fresh Sumerians was basically smart on moral and you may important concerns, however, Really don’t think that these were since abstract since you are being. Neberu is a keen Akkadian term, perhaps not good Sumerian term. They referred to a lake crossing, ford, otherwise a great ferry (boat). The town regarding Nippur was most likely located at such as for example a spot. Society Jupiter, and that we know is actually later named Neberu, belonged towards the captain goddess throughout the Babylonian pantheon, Marduk. We don’t has actually proof, however, before it might has actually belonged with the Sumerian Enlil, this new temple god off Nippur and captain deity regarding Sumerian pantheon. There is certainly a possibility one to Neberu along with known the fresh new Northern Star. The fresh Sumerians had a tendency to venture what they know on the planet onto the latest heavens.

>I am trying to find a specialist on the Sumerian language that will >be certain that or debunk Zechariah Sitchin’s claims of Sumerian translation. Because >far when i can tell, no-one which have good scholarly and legitimate records have >previously verified or refuted his says.

>His 7 guides on the subject of the latest Annunaki have left unchallenged >for years. When you’re unfamiliar with his work, it is their contention >one to sumerian texts check if the human being race was genetically changed >to help you service an exceptional extraterrestrial race called the annunaki.

The fresh new Sumerians did not have a phrase to own religion, due to the fact worshipping the fresh new gods within their temples try first to their lifestyle.

Complete all of our overall performance indicate that the development of h2o buffalo reproduction and you may grain agriculture, probably throughout the Indian sub-continent, only marginally influenced brand new gene pond of autochthonous individuals of this new area

Understandably, it is hard to have a reputation for their faith, after they dont even have a keyword to own faith.

Not likely. They discussed on their own because black-on course people therefore the book by Cavalli-Sforza ainsi que al., A brief history and you may Geography from Individual Family genes, shows that the modern descendants certainly are the individuals of Kuwait.

Postscript added examination of the newest DNA away from 1ple from Iraqi controls come to the next findings: “Proof genetic stratification ascribable into the Sumerian innovation try provided of the Y-chromosome investigation where the J1-Page08 branch suggests an area extension, nearly modern-day on Sumerian City-state period you to characterized Southern Mesopotamia. On top of that, a old history shared with Northern Mesopotamia is found from the this new quicker depicted Y-chromosome lineage J1-M267*. ” “Selecting the brand new genetic footprints of Sumerians: a study from Y-chromosome and mtDNA version throughout the Marsh Arabs out of Iraq”, Nadia Al-Zahery1, med An excellent Hamod23, Baharak Hooshiar Kashani1, Anna Olivieri1, Antonio Torroni1, Augusta S Santachiara-Benerecetti1 and you will Ornella Semino, BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, .

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